Safer Spaces Policy

Academia and Affect: Thinking Through Personal Relationships to Research

A Critical and Interdisciplinary Symposium (#acaf)

University of Sheffield


Safer Spaces Policy


This symposium is an inclusive, supportive, non-competitive environment that seeks to foster a collegial atmosphere


All racist, sexist, classist, ableist and transphobic language will be challenged and can result in the person(s) using such oppressive language being asked to leave


All contributions within this space are confidential. If you are not comfortable with maintaining confidentiality please do not attend. Be aware that disclosure is a personal choice, and you should not mention the names of others in your reflections unless they have given you permission to do so.


Organisers are the first point of contact for all queries and will be available at all times throughout the day to answer questions, and to seek to resolve any difficulties that attendees may be experiencing. The organisers will also make every effort to adapt procedures throughout the day if they are not comfortable for any attendees.


Speakers have used their preferred pronouns in the bios provided. Please make yourself aware of these and use them at all times.


Speakers have also provided trigger warnings/content notes in abstracts if appropriate. Some speakers may choose to reiterate these at the start of their talk, but some may not, so please make yourself aware of these in advance.


When you speak, please be mindful that others may share your experiences. If you need some time out at any point, please feel free to leave the room without apology or explanation. A quiet room will be provided if you wish to use it.


Some speakers may be comfortable with interruptions/queries during their talk, please note, if this is the case speakers will make this clear before they begin. Otherwise, there will be a good amount of time allocated for such discussion after each talk ends.


Please be conscious of the amount of time you are taking up in discussion/questions and make room for others to speak.


If you have any queries or concerns in advance of the symposium please contact the organisers at